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When decorating your home, choosing lights is not easy. You don’t know which one to choose? Today, GRNLED, as a professional LED downlight manufacturers China, will share how to choose LED downlights for home use.

Color temperature

In addition to lighting brightness, lighting also depends on color temperature. Different color temperatures also bring different atmospheres. The lower the color temperature, the warmer the light. The higher the color temperature, the cooler the light.

Low color temperature:

The color temperature is around 2500K-3300K, which is a warm color temperature.

Neutral color temperature:

The color temperature is between 3300–4500K, which is neutral color temperature (positive white light).

High color temperature:

The color temperature exceeds 6000K, which is a cold color temperature.

Generally speaking, the color temperature of household lamps is generally 2700-4500K. It is not recommended to choose one with a weight exceeding 5000K, as it will inhibit the production of melatonin and affect our sleep.

living room

It is recommended that lamps with a temperature of about 3000K-3500K be used in the living room, which not only ensures the brightness of the lighting, but also can match the hard decoration to create a warm and luxurious visual effect. Generally speaking, light sources with warm color temperatures are suitable for most styles. If it is a “cold” decoration such as Nordic style, a higher color temperature is more suitable. The first choice is cylinder downlight, recessed anti glare spotlights.


It is recommended to choose lights around 2500K-3500K, because the bedroom is an area for relaxation and rest, and it is more suitable to create a warm and comfortable feeling. The light should not be too bright or dazzling, and choose an anti-glare model. surface mounted ceiling is a good choice

Dining room

It is recommended to choose lights with a color temperature of 2700K-3500K, which will appear warmer and more comfortable. It is not recommended to choose white light with a color temperature that is too high, as it will not highlight the color of the food. The food will appear dull and dull, making people lose their appetite at first sight. pendant light is a good selection.

Study room and bathroom

Both the study room and the bathroom are suitable for lighting around 4000K-4500K, because the study room is a place for reading, writing, and working. Higher brightness can also focus on meeting the lighting needs without being too dazzling. The bathroom is convenient for putting on makeup in front of the mirror, organize clothes. The spot lights for bathroom and study room is good idea

Color rendering index

It refers to the degree of color restoration. It is recommended to choose 90Ra-95Ra, which will not cause distortion and is practical.


The larger the wattage of the lamp, the higher the brightness, and the electricity bill will be relatively higher. Choose according to the size of the room, choose 8W for 3 square meters, 12W for 5-8 square meters, 16W for 8-12 square meters, and so on.

When choosing lamps, you should also pay attention to the style and matching. Home Furnishing’s newly launched Beauty Light downlight has a color temperature of 3000-4000K, which can make people relax and create a romantic and warm atmosphere. The display index is just right, restoring the original beauty of the person. The design of the deep tube is not dazzling even if you look directly at it, and it has the effect of seeing the light without seeing the light. Babies in need can take a look.


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