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The Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

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Embarking on the intricate journey of establishing a business in Dubai may initially appear daunting, given the substantial paperwork involved. However, the services of a business setup consultant in Dubai play a pivotal role in simplifying this process, acting as a valuable ally. Their expertise not only streamlines the registration of your business but also ensures a hassle-free experience. This allows you to concentrate on your entrepreneurial vision while they adeptly handle the bureaucratic complexities.

For those looking to kickstart their business ventures in Dubai, identifying the perfect partners is crucial. The following introduces the concept of business setup consultants, highlighting their role as advisors for individuals and companies aiming to establish their presence in a specific region. These professionals offer indispensable insights, regulatory proficiency, and hands-on support throughout the initiation and structuring of a business. Their overarching goals encompass ensuring compliance with legal mandates and enhancing operational effectiveness, ultimately facilitating clients in achieving their entrepreneurial goals successfully.

Among the notable business setup consultants in Dubai is FreeZoneMarket Powered by FZM Solutions, a platform dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in setting up their companies. Established in 2014, FreeZoneMarket has successfully served approximately 1800 clients, offering specially curated business services at zero agent fee. Their comprehensive services include business setup in various zones, LLC formation, business licenses for diverse activities, and a range of business support services such as trademark registration, VAT registration, and more.


The process offered by FreeZoneMarket is transparent and straightforward, guiding clients through each step. Their services include helping businesses decide between setting up in the mainland or a free zone, providing advice on the right business activity and name, and assisting with all required paperwork to obtain the business license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and open a corporate bank account.

Business Setup

The comprehensive support extends to handling the heavy lifting involved in business setup, positioning FreeZoneMarket as a premier business setup consultant in Dubai and the UAE. As a one-stop-shop for company formation, FreeZoneMarket manages the entire process from start to finish. This eliminates the need for clients to engage with numerous government authorities, ensuring a seamless and efficient start for their businesses in Dubai.

Furthermore, FreeZoneMarket initiates the process with a free consultation, allowing clients to familiarize themselves with the services offered. This consultation, centered around the client and their business, provides an opportunity to address any queries about company formation. By the end of this personalized consultation, FreeZoneMarket gains a deep understanding of the client’s business and its requirements. Simultaneously, clients are equipped with a clear path for setting up their businesses in the UAE, ensuring a well-prepared and informed start to their entrepreneurial journey.

What Makes FreeZoneMarket Unique

With nearly fourteen years of expertise in delivering business startup services, we have catered to a diverse clientele encompassing private enterprises, government entities, non-government organizations, and academic sectors. Our extensive reach extends to over 1800 global clients, and we have cultivated collaborative relationships with prominent government departments and banks, including DMCC, IFZA, Meydan Free Zone, Emirates NBD, Dubai Media City, WIO BANK, among others.

Email ID:

WhatsApp: +971 52 104 6088

Landline: +971 4 876 9890


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