Which Boutique is suitable for overseas Pakistanis to purchase wedding dresses?

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Many Pakistanis are in different countries of the world due to different reasons, even living their for decades they still value Pakistani culture, dressing is the significant part of any culture. Wearing your traditional clothes for wedding is a must and first priority of everyone. But it’s hard to find boutique that are providing Pakistani wedding dresses according to the latest fashion and trends. But you can select and order online, I would recommend Nafisa Noor from many boutiques of Pakistan as there designs are quite unique, beautiful and trendy on affordable prices.

Things you can expect from Nafisa Noor:

While shopping online being scammed is the biggest concern of anyone, Firstly your concern of being scammed would be discarded as Nafisa Noor is one of the trusted and well know boutique of Pakistan. You can check customer’s reviews on their page. They will send you the exact item that you have seen on their website or page. Most of the time scammers show pictures of original dress and send replicas of it. But you’ll receive the item exactly same to the picture in every aspect with the color variation and perfect size you choose.

You can also customize your dress according to your preferences for e.g. style of sleeves or length etc. Not only complete dresses you can also purchase trousers, bottoms or dupatta separately and make a new set of dress. As a bride wedding ceremony is a most important day of life, having wardrobe malfunctioning or not finding a dress of your dream for your big day is a horrible nightmare. You can customize your bridal dress and make it according to your liking through Nafisa Noor. You’ll receive your dress with the customization you want. They’ll also send your parcel on time, so you can thoroughly check your dress and if you find any problem like wrong order or damaged article you’ll also be able to exchange it.

Beware of scammers:

No doubt online shopping is convenient, and you can wear your favorite dress from any part of the world. But scam and fraud is an inevitable part of online shopping. Many fake website use pictures from Nafisa Noor’s original website and claim to sale it on less price than original but in the end they will send you a third class replica of poor quality. Make sure to check reviews and search for original page before ordering, so you can avoid these frauds.


If you’re a bride or the close relative of the bride or groom getting dressed up in a pretty will be most important for you. You can find traditional dresses with the touch of modernity on Nafisa Noor’s page or website. As an overseas Pakistani you’ll probably not have many options as most of the boutiques in other countries doesn’t have the style in their dresses that you can only found in a Pakistani boutique and if they have the prices would be too much, so you can order from Nafisa Noor and wear a beautiful dress according to your budget.


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