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LED tapes, ribbons, or strips are flexible circuits containing numerous light-emitting diodes that are used for decorative purposes usually.

CONSTRUCTION: these strips are coated with epoxy resins or silicone to make them water-resistant and avoid any damage to the circuit. Led strips also have an adhesive backing layer that helps them to stick to the wall or any other object.

DESIGNS: based on colors and control we have various designs in Led for example,

  • Nonaddressable, single color Led- all diodes emit single white color, and the temperature of the lights cannot be controlled.
  • Dynamic, nonaddressable- also emit white light but the temperature of the color can be controlled, half of the lights are of higher temperature while half of them are of lower temperature.
  • Nonaddressable, multicolored- they can produce red, green, blue, or white colors but only one at a time.
  • Addressable, RGB- here every light can be individually controlled for color change.


There are many applications of commercial led strips. LED lights are an efficient source to light your area including offices, schools, and homes, or can also bring life to your work. Led lights can be used at home or commercially as well.

Commercial led strips are made to light larger projects or areas like halls, rooms, restaurants, and offices. These lights are of greater power than normal led strips and are also bigger in size, offering greater luminous intensity, they are waterproof and consume and release less heat and energy, so they are environment friendly. They are reliable and last longer.

Size-wise there is no difference between commercial led strips and normal led strips, it is just the light of that led strip that is producing light of greater intensity.

Commercial strips require lesser voltage otherwise they can get damaged. To solve this voltage problem these strips are provided with resistors to avoid any damage and overheating due to fluctuation in current.

Commercial led strips are also provided with an Aluminum cover that protects them from external damage and keeps it safe. They have a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) of more than 90 that making the light clearer and more vibrant.

To cover the larger area these strips are greater in width than regular led strips.


these led strips are used for different purposes and are thus available to be applied to different products. Some commercial led strips usage include:

  • Rotatable wall pack led strip
  • Top light led strips
  • Pole lights
  • Canopy lights
  • Led flood light and many more.


For big and commercialized spaces these led strips are very useful, they can offer you a bright and vibrant light of greater intensity so we can use it easily at home, offices, event halls, warehouses, etc. so without further delay if you want to bring life to your project then you must buy commercial led strips now.


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